4 reasons why mobile website is important for Small Businesses?

Did you know that data compiled by Mobile Marketing Association of Asia points out that of the nearly 7 billion people worldwide, over 5 billion people own a cell phone, whereas just about 4 billion own a toothbrush?

Furthermore, research study also points out that a majority of people access internet on their mobile phones.

If what ComScore.com has reported is to be believed, mobile phone devices account for a whopping 78% of internet users. The number of people accessing internet from their mobile phones is increasing on one hand. There also is, on the other hand, a steady rise in the number of business owners (especially small business owners) optimizing their business website for mobile phone users.
As owner of a small business if registering sales this festive season is on your mind, you can consider making your corporate website mobile phone friendly as its advantages are many-a-plenty. In no order of importance, listed below are top 4 reasons why website that supports mobile phone platform is paramount for small business.

1. mCommerce is proving to be more effective than eCommerce

Believe it or not the last 5 years has witnessed a huge growth in mCommerce, while eCommerce has taken a back seat. One of the reasons for this paradigm shift is online shopping. ComScore.com study points out that a huge number of people; 62% use their mobile phones make purchases online. The number of online mobile internet shoppers is expected to rise this season. Keeping in mind the growing number of mobile internet shoppers, as someone who owns and runs a small business, you must consider optimizing your business website for mobile phone users.

2. Mobile friendly websites can help in increasing sales

Shoppers are more than likely to purchase your product, provided they are gratified with their shopping experience that your website provides on their mobile phones. Survey points out there are high chances of such customers returning to your website to make more purchases in the future. As owner of small business, it is necessary that you build your set of loyal customers. One of the ways to achieve this is by having a mobile phone friendly website.

3. A bad mobile experience can damage the reputation on your business

Believe it or not, customers do feel let down when they come across a website that is not mobile-friendly. A bad mobile phone shopping experience can create negative feelings about your business in the customers mind. This can also prompt customers to look elsewhere to make their purchase. This is one of the reasons why having a mobile website is important for your business

4. Ability to reach a huge target audience

The number of users who access the internet on their mobile phones is more in comparison to those who use internet on their PCs. As owner of a small business, if reaching a larger target audience is on your mind, you need to consider creating a mobile phone version of your business website. Your small business can have greater visibility through your mobile-friendly website.
To end on a statistical note, 57% of users admit that they won’t recommend a business with poorly designed website that supports mobile phone platform. If your small business lacks a mobile friendly website, you must consider creating one this season.

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