4 Reasons why you still need a brochure in mobile age

Can brochures survive mobile age? Do we still need a brochure in this digital world? Do you think it still has an impact to the audience? With the rise of technology, many firms consider printed promotional media as distinctly outdated. But there was a time when you would be hard-pushed to find a business which didn’t possess crafted print brochure as a part of sales and marketing.

Brochures have not been consigned to the dustbin of history till now. A well-executed, targeted and compelling brochure can play an effective part in your business and helps your brand to stand out from the crowd. Today, e-Brochure is an effective part in the digital era.

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Here are some good reasons why real-world marketing materials should not be underestimated:

1. Better shelf-life?
A smartly created brochure can be lasting, memorable and readers can feel more connected to the service or product. Brochure can be checked over, returned to, consulted and highlighted. But there are so many brands who have abandoned the physical elements of marketing. But there are certain industries, particularly, fashion, automotive and consumer tech where brochures still hold a great value.

2. Visual representation and Tangible
Brochures still play a vital role in the place of marketing and sales as it provides tangible and visual representation of a product or service. Online can only allow you to connect the brand to a certain extent but the brochures help to cut through this impersonal approach and provides tactile and physical representation of a brand. It ensures the clear identity of the brand and also the product or service positioning.

3. It grabs the reader’s attention
A smartly created brochure, be it a print or e-brochure, grabs the reader’s attention and delivers a consistent brand message. Brochure gives the customers tools to make an informed decision directing the reader on why and how to buy. Successful brochures focuses on the benefits consumers will gain from making a purchase and gives them a reason to act before they move on to the next thing.

4. A good marketing tool
It can be a vital marketing tool, e-brochures provide flexibility and immediacy to consumers, it offers target consumers a whole new way to interact with brands, and it provides rich experiences in a personal and close way. There are many changes in the traditional role of brochures, but it has evolved into a new role.


Your prospects won’t take action from behind a computer screen all the time, which is the reason why brochures are still important to business. Like how everyone still finds something special in a greeting card that arrives at your doorstep, these so called old-school methods still hold a value of their own.

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