5 Advantages of using cloud invoice application

Beyond doubt, technology has changed the way business owners perform routine trade activates. Gone are those days of manual invoicing. The invention of computers had changed the way invoicing is done. There came a time when business owners,

cloud application (including the small and medium ones) depended on computer software to prepare and send invoices to their customers.

These days, when receiving payments on time has become the order of the day, the trend is online is cloud invoicing. It is because of the advantages it offers, cloud invoicing has become a sort after invoicing options by small and medium business owners.
Here are the 5 advantages

Top 5 Advantages of using cloud invoice applications:

In no order of importance, listed below are the top 5 advantages of cloud invoice application.
Saves your time

Saves your time

A majority of cloud invoicing applications are user-friendly. Users do not have to possess special knowledge or spend a lot of time understanding how to use it. With a few mouse clicks, users can create invoices using a cloud invoicing application. Preparing invoices using cloud application has become a hassle-free process and it also saves small and medium owners a lot of time.

Saves your money

Its cost-effectiveness has made cloud based invoicing, a very popular invoicing options among small and medium business owners. On the other hand, the creators of such solutions are offering them to users for almost nothing at all or for an affordable price. For example Handdy Invoice application is a popular cloud based invoicing software among small and medium business owners, offers its users with a free version and their premium version costs pittance.

Your invoices are permanently stored in cloud

According to Harris Interactive, a staggering 23% of Americans incur late fees each year because of losing or misplacing their paper bills. (Source: Automatic Finances) As owner of a small or medium size business, we understand the difficulty that you must be facing, when you do not receive payments on time from your clients. Clients, on the other hand admit misplacing your manual invoice that you handed over to them. When you choose to take advantage of cloud invoice application, you can create, store and maintain a permanent record of your invoices, more than just effortlessly.

You can invoice on the go

As someone who owns and runs a small business, you solely might have to take responsibility of managing the operations and functioning of the various divisions of your trade like marketing, advertising, sales and servicing. This may find you constantly on the move. In such situations, a cloud invoicing application gives you the power to ready and send invoices or payment reminders to your customers. You do not have to be physically present in your office to do so. You can also monitor status of unpaid invoices and send payment overdue reminders to your customers. Additionally, you will also be instantaneously updated on payments you receive for your invoices.

Makes your business Eco-friendly

A lot of people in the corporate world are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the ways to achieve this is to try and cut down the usage of paper in your office whenever and wherever you can. By switching to cloud invoicing application, you automatically are minimizing the usage of paper in your office, thus making your business Eco-friendly.

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