5 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing that your small business should avoid

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for small business promotion. A well-organized content campaign will considerably increase both traffic and lead generation. However not all marketers (or Companies) understand or implement content marketing effectively.

5 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing that your small business should avoid

  1. 100% Promotion and No valuable Topics
  2. Starting a campaign without a plan
  3. Very Obvious blog titles
  4. Lack of Customer Analysis
  5. Ignoring the SEO angle

100% Promotion and No valuable Topics

Informative content marketing

Over marketing or forced marketing is among the most common mistake that most marketers commit. Never treat your blog like a sales letter; blogs are not the right place to speak about your products and service. Non Stop marketing could lead you nowhere as your people are looking or information and not about your ads and product promotions.

The very concept of content market is to build trust and relationship with your potential customer and encourage them to buy your products. A good content marketing campaign should always focus on writing what a potential customer would love to read. A well-organized content marketing through your blog for instance, will easily encourage your potential clients to buy your products and services.

Lack of Understanding and Planning

No planning for Content Marketing

Lack of understanding and Planning

Starting a campaign without proper planning will lead you nowhere. Marketing can be directly compared to a real war, and such proper planning & stratagem are critical for success. For instance content marketing is not as simple as posting random contents on random time frame. It requires proper planning and organizing of time-frame, topics, titles and schedules in order to get the desired result.

Another complication is trying a new marketing strategy just because it works well for your competitor. Implementing a new marketing strategy without properly understand and analyzing will never succeed. Just because you live a specific marketing strategy doesn’t mean you know it well, so always learn sufficient details about a strategy before implementing it for your business.

Very Obvious blog titles

Title power in Content

A good title sells well

The title of your post plays a crucial part in attracting visitors; a good title will always get more clicks and visitors. At the same time, writing commonly used, boring and oblivious titles will make your blog less inviting to readers.

Titles starting with numbers, “How to”, “What is” will always get more attraction and will surely get more clicks than the rest. Conducting a detailed analysis about your potential leads will help you create attractive titles for your blog.

Lack of Customer Analysis

Know your customer

Lack of Customer Analysis

Customer analysis is among the most crucial part of a successful content marketing, and yet more than 80% of businesses take little care about customer analysis. The very essence of content marketing is providing useful information to potential customers and building trust and relationship with them. Understanding what your customer likes and what they want will help you write accordingly. This will surely encourage them to visit your blogs frequently and thus increasing your chances of success.

Ignoring the SEO angle

SEO and Social Media

Never ignore the power of Google (SEO)

Have you ever heard these words “You Need to Market Your Marketing”? It might look funny but it is 100% true. Your contents are useful & informative and you word days for it, but what good can come out of it if no one actually read it?

Most business firms completely ignore the aspect of SEO and Social media. No matter how good your contents are, you always visitors to achieve your ultimate goal of building potential leads and your business. Never underestimate the importance of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for your blogs. Always ensure your contents are easy to share, and are SEO friendly with important Keywords and other SEO elements such as Meta tags.

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