5 essential features for any eCommerce portal

From supplementing brick and mortar stores, eCommerce sites have gone to become the face of multibillion dollar corporations. As it’s now evident, technology has become so accessible that that almost any business can own an eCommerce portal. With such portals on the rise, here’s an indispensable list of features that any serious eCommerce site should include.

If there’s one feature that can solely determine the success of an eCommerce portal, then images would be it. Unlike stores, you don’t have the advantage of bringing a product to life and you have to work within the constraints of the medium. For this reason, high resolution images of a product plays are essential.

Search Box
It doesn’t matter even if your catalogue runs a hundred pages, the products are redundant if they can’t be found. Integrating the search feature is the best you could do to your eCommerce portal. It also comes in handy for those who look to buy a specific product on your site.

Personalized and popular content
By analyzing user data and viewing history, eCommerce sites have been quite successful in coming up with recommendations. In addition, it is also essential to include a list of items are that popular and trending on your portal.

Mobile optimized
More than half of all online sales comes through mobile browsers and it’s absolutely essential to optimize your site for the platform. Though developing mobile apps offers a rich experience, it is always a good move to have a mobile enabled shopping site compliment it.

Comment section
Even if your product description is a literary masterpiece, it isn’t the sole factor that’d convince someone to buy the product. On the contrary, the average user rating and user generated comments can drastically influence the purchase decision of a person. For this reason and to enable a level of trust, it is essential to have a comment section for each product sold on the portal.

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