5 tips to increase your social media engagements in 2015

                For any business to survive today it is imperative that social media marketing strategies be systematically utilized while being marketed online. Being successful at social media marketing strategies is engaging in meaningful communication with your interactive audience.

Social Media Engagements is the key to online marketing success wherein the pillars of Social Media marketing namely Facebook engagements, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other online portals that propagate interactive business to business or B2B Marketing have a significant role to play. Usually engagement efforts culminate in active participation, comments, likes or shares. All such media marketing efforts are almost equivalent to embedding a thinking bean and nurturing it using social media so that readers spend time evaluating a business’ offering and contemplating about each brand stands out vis-à-vis others. Here are 5 social media tips to increase your social media engagements in 2015.

1. Connections

Social Media Optimization Strategies

Connecting with your audience establishes means to develop strong and possibly long term relationships. Increasing your customer base and valuing your existent one are equally important. Among the most vital and customer specific social media strategies is asking questions. Asking simple questions either generic ones or specific ones on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram clearly indicates consummate respect and shows the audience that their answers matters.

2. Directions

Right Social Media Strategies - 2015

In order to increase effectiveness of high-quality viewing audience engagement strategies it is essential to first gauge the market pulse and then decipher and conclude upon marketing directions. This is applicable in the case of B2B Marketing or even when interacting directly with customers. Requesting for feedback from the viewing masses using competitions, feedback, surveys or any other means have often proven to be useful as these efforts form an integral part of promotional business marketing.

3. Visual Impact

Visual Content is the King

Generating positive engagement and drawing attention on social media can be achieved by using visuals. Creating a visual impact through infographics, graphical presentations, photos or videos increases visual impact and accelerates customer interaction rate significantly whether its Facebook engagements, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Visual impact can change the very dimension of social media strategies if implemented in the right manner.

4. Two way traffic response

Social Media Tips - 2015

Once the media engagement process begins it is every business’ responsibility to reciprocate and respond to questions, comments, feedback, and responses to visuals and develop a well structured responsive method. This will not only facilitate existing interaction but also become a catalyst for future engagement efforts. Social media strategies are all about boosting the two way traffic response between businesses and their audiences.

5. The Ensemble

Social Media Sales - Call to action

It’s important to integrate social media engagement efforts and make them seem like a perfect interactive ensemble. All social media efforts need to strategically planned and timed so that every engaging act stirs a call to action from the viewer.

There are other means that we now consider as being “Old-fashioned” which are effective however amidst competitive pressure undoubtedly these Social Media tips if effectively implemented can transform a limping business and make it a successful, thriving one.

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