Content marketing vs. SEO – Which one is a better choice for organic Traffic?


Content marketing and SEO are in a way, two sides of the same coin! You optimize your website to help search engines crawl your pages and eventually lead visitors to the content you offer. So, it’s not the question of whether content marketing or SEO is better to drive organic traffic, but rather, what you can do to make the two intersect.

Focus on keywords
It’s a common myth that keywords are irrelevant in this day and age. To the contrary, keywords still remain one of the most important aspects of SEO practices. Although a number of parameters go into PageRanking, it is the phrase that users search that often takes them to your page. Moreover, the longer the keyword, the higher is the probability of conversion.

Meta description matters
Whenever a site is listed in the search query, a small description of the site or the page is listed alongside the link – this is the meta description. It plays a major role in helping the user get an overview of the page even before it is visited. So the meta description, despite being just a couple of sentences long, should effectively describe the page and lure the user into clicking it.

Quality Content
It’s not just for search engines, the better the quality, higher is the chance of it being shared. So when people start sharing the link on social media, the engagement on the page increases and subsequently increases the ranking,

By getting the two marketing tactics, content marketing and SEO work in unison, you get the best of both world and also achieve your marketing goals efficiently. Learn more about content marketing and SEO by subscribing to our blog.

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