How to identify the SEO agency that will deliver results (…and not false promises)?

61% of small business owners do not yet understand SEO. However, they get flooded with emails every day from SEO agencies. Almost all of them claim to deliver guaranteed results. How to identify the right SEO agency that would give you real results (…and not false promises)?

Conversion is more important than traffic
Without a proper understanding of your product or target audience, you may end up getting a lot of traffic from Google that would ultimately do no good to your business. SEO never works on a broader level, the more specific your keywords are the better your SEO process and your sales conversion. Professional SEO agencies will try to have a clear understanding of your business, your products/services, your target audience and your sales process before beginning the process. In contrast, the rest will be more worried about your website metrics and so on.

Note: Knowing how SEO works is important but understanding how to make SEO work for your business is where your money should be placed.

Content is primarily for your customers (and not for Google)
A good content strategy is to find out the questions, concerns, and doubts your customers have and wedding it to your uniqueness, offers and key features. Starting from FAQ, all the way to write a whitepaper the very basic part of content creation should revolve around this rather than just on keywords and rewrite from competitors. When it comes to SEO, content plays the central role, making it the most crucial part of achieving ultimate results for your business. A professional SEO agency will try to understand your business and target audience clearly, and then come up with a content strategy that will rank well on Google and improve your sales conversion.

Note: Knowing what brings traffic is not important but understanding how to provide your potential customers with the right content matters a lot.

Keeping up with new search trends: Do you know between 2008 and 2016, voice search usage has multiplied 35-fold, now that coupled with 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company/product using mobile search? SEO is beyond just plain ranking for your website for a set of keywords for the text contents on your website. A good SEO agency will understand the ability to utilize voice search, local SEO, and mobile search.

Note: SEO is rapidly evolving and agencies that can keep up with the fast pace is more likely to deliver you results.

Looking for a good SEO agency?
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