Would you like a regular stream of quality leads without a large budget?

Google AdWords Makes It Possible

What is Google AdWords? This is world’s most recognized online advertisement program that generates leads within minutes of publishing your add through this unique platform.

Google AdWords is also known as pay-per-click or PPC adverting; easy, affordable and gives you best return out of your investment.

Sounds interesting?

Great. Let’s discuss how Google AdWords is the best and generates leads like no one.

  1. Complete control on budget

Although Google is one of the biggest online companies on the earth, its advertisement program is designed to serve all sizes of customers including individuals and freelancers. You have 100% liberty to decide on how much you want to spend. Start low, increase as you see results and grow.

  1. Choose your own target audience

Unlike TV or Newspaper adverts, you can choose who should see your advertisement here. You can target your audience by age groups, genders, location, their language, and even the devices they use to see your add when it’s published.

  1. Keywords are the key

Advertisement through Google AdWords is based on keywords and keywords only. These are related to your business, your brand, your products or your services. When a potential customer enters any of these keywords inside Google search box, your advertisement is shown to him on top of the results.

  1. Landing page for lead generation

Your advertisement on the Google result page is shown as a special result among all. It’s natural a user often clicks this link to reach your linked web page that is called a landing page. This page provides vital information about your business or products and prompts the user to enter his contact details and his purpose that is sent to your email id or database as a lead.

  1. Support for more leads

Google AdWords not only generates leads but also provides all essential tools and support so you can analyze your advertisement performance and take better steps to optimize it that generates more leads and better leads.

The Challenge

Running Google AdWords appear to be very complex for most of the small business owners. Minor mistakes (ex: failing to uncheck a tick box) can cause the expenditure of hundreds of dollars without yielding the optimal results. Moreover, it takes many months to master it and doesn’t stop there. Google has continued to update and change the platform every few months.

That’s why most small business owners hate this platform despite the popularity and turn towards AdWords marketing agencies. Unfortunately, most AdWords marketing agencies do not want to handle projects with small adverting budgets, because they cannot charge more.

The Solution

We exclusively work with small business owners with a limited advertising budget.

If you need a Google certified expert who can set up and manage your Google AdWords campaigns and produce a superb result within faster turnaround time then let us know our team at Integra today. We would be happy to help you with your Google AdWords journey.

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