What Search Will Look Like in 2016

What Search Will Look Like in 2016

Google is the widely used web search which provides the relevant search results with a clean interface. What is a search?  Search helps you find the relevant information with the help of an internet connection.

Do you want to know more about the search evolution? Here is a short video about the Google’s search evolution.

The evolution of search began from a basic search process and then it improved to contextual results. Later it was improved to the contextual search refinement. The Entity search and personalization are also the search improvements. Earlier Google provided search results as links but now they have improved on their search algorithm. As a result, now you can get an instant answer with a Google search.

Do you have any idea about what search will look like in 2016? Here are some of the improvements that you can currently notice in the Google search.

  1. Google provides options for buying products or services within the search.
  2. ‘Future of search in social’, which means search gives heavy weight for social media.
  3. Improved Mobile site searches like image search, voice search and recent searches.
  4. Responsive website plays an important role in the search.
  5. Google search also provides search for local businesses.

Some of the important and new search trend highlights are
Universal search results: This will help you find results like images, news and vedios. You can also find products, places, books, maps and a lot more.
Quick answers: you can find quick answers for your search at the top of the page.
Future of Search: Google has been improving on the development of search in order to save time. Google Instant and Voice Search in your phone are some of the future search predictions.
The evolution of search has been always exciting and there are a lot more in the store next. We can expect new search trends in the future that can improve our knowledge, give quick answers, save our time and satisfy our queries.
Credits: Google


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