Top 3 Websites to find free business apps 2014

“Technology will not replace small business owners. But small business owners who use technology will probably replace the ones who do not”.

Small business owners these days are leaving no stone unturned to embrace technology.

They have realized that the advantages of using the various forms of technology are many-a-plenty. I know a few small business owners who make it a point to update the technology they use in their trade. The Smartphone they carry is the latest, printers they use are new and they constantly download and use business apps that help their trade grow from one level to another.

I was a little curious to know where on earth from do these business owners get all the information about business app and latest trends in technology. This prompted me to speak to one of my friends about the top websites, from where one can find and download business apps for free. Here’s a look at a few of them.


Small Business Software

At any given time, if you wish to stay updated with the latest developments in technology, all you need to do is visit the cnet website. Founded in the year 1994, this website continues to publish reviews, articles, blogs and videos about the latest trends in technology. It comes by no surprise why Android and iOS app developers love this website. Plus, this website also does have a section from where you can download The Download App for free. This app is going to be of big help to small business owners, as it automatically works towards cleaning the junk that has gotten accumulated in the compute. This app is powered with the ability to provide safe and secure updates (whenever they are available) of all the software that is installed in the computer.


Invoice applications

Enjoy software is the slogan of this and yes, this website truly gives its users the power and ability to do so. Founded in 1997, softonic added another feather to its cap in 2007 with OnSoftware, its very own blog portal. Trust me their blog portal is a store house of information on technology. Small business owners, website and app developers, designers and marketers, people involved in teaching about technology, throng to this blog and website to keep them updated about the latest developments in technology. The homepage of this allows users to download the best apps for their iPad for free. This is one thing that small business owners can take advantage of.

ZD Net:

Free Invoice tool

What started off as a general interest portal on technology has gone to become a one stop source of information about the latest that is happing in the world of technology. ZD is truly a website that offers its users with quality news about business technology. For many small business owners this website also doubles up as a text book that constantly provides them with information about the latest trends in technology. Plus, this website also has a section dedicated to downloads that allows users to download software for Mac, Windows and mobile phone platforms under categories like business software, developer tools, graphic design software, iTunes and iPod software and more. Most of them I must add are for free.

There is a lot of development that is taking place in the field of technology. Above all there is no dearth of information on this subject. Regardless of you being a website or app developer, designer, content writer, social media marketer, an academician, small business owner or a general audience, you can visit such niche websites and stay updates with the latest trends in technology.

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